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“Good health is harmony-when we think positively, constructively and happily. Bad health is when we think negatively, unhappily and destructively…”
Dr. Edward Bach said way back in the 1930s that the body was a mirror reflecting any thoughts in the mind. Therefore when negative thoughts are overcome, the body will respond and heal, and he was sure the necessary remedies were there for the finding in nature. He devoted his life to the search for remedies of only the purest form which would help the sufferer rise above any unhappy mental attitudes and keep well.
I am a true believer that all our needs are provided for by Mother Nature, amongst the flowers, plants and trees. Apparently Dr. Bach would wander in the countryside searching for flowers that restored serenity and peace of mind. It was in this way he discovered the 38 flowers which cover the 38 negative states of mind which mankind can suffer. These became the famous Bach flower remedies.
Flower remedies are a holistic approach to healing and allows the body’s natural defences to work more effectively, treating the cause not the symptom. Physical ill-health is seen as a result of disequilibrium within our minds and the remedies are explained by describing the emotion or personality trait for which they are needed. For example, if you are easily annoyed by others and critical – appearing calm and patient yet seething inside – you would need the Beech remedy to help you become more tolerant of others and step into their shoes for a moment.
Physical sensations that we all experience such as tension, nervousness, apprehension all occur as a result of an emotional disturbance. Our bodies can only take a certain amount of strain before they start to protest, resulting in symptoms such as migraines, skin disorders etc. But life rarely allows rest and convalescence so we keep on going, but eventually something has to give way and the body starts to break down – but its always the cause that matters and should be dealt with appropriately.
To prescribe the correct remedies and address the sufferers problem fully, a Bach flower practitioner needs to consider the person as a whole, taking into account their lifestyle, personality and any emotional influences involved. It is only then that the true cause and negative emotions can be found and dealt with accordingly. The flower remedies are harmless and you normally take 2-4 drops four times a day mixed with a beverage.
When treating animals their general temperament and nature needs to be considered, and, like humans, every animal is an individual with their own character, you cant generalise by breed etc. Again, it’s the cause of the behavioural issue that needs attention not just the symptoms. For example there are many reasons why a dog barks, it could be fear, guarding, dominance-the underlying reason must be discovered rather than treating the problem at face value with absurd gadgets. These powerful but gentle remedies when used in conjunction with sensible, compassionate training can bring about positive changes in an animal’s behaviour. And don’t be surprised when I say that problems are often aggravated, even created, by the owners themselves!
The remedies cannot take the place of vital medical/veterinary treatments. For more information please contact Claire on 628 333 873.
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