Fusion Massage

Massage is one of the most accessible and popular forms of alternative therapies and comes in a wide variety of flavours: sports, Swedish, deep tissue, thai, shiatsu, reflexolgy and aromatherapy. What happens when you put these together? You create a hybrid of techniques called Fusion massage – La Chispa went to find out more.
Michael Izon has worked with massage therapies for more than twenty years and has been developing his concept of Fusion massage for much of that time. “Different problems need different techniques and I have found over many years of study and experience that the different styles of massage offer unique approaches that can be used to great effectiveness.” Mike explained his ideas while preparing to work on me at his centre at the Miraflores Golf Academy. “Because of where I am based I treat a lot of sports injuries which require a very physical approach to the problem. However I am also a Reiki master and can work at energetic levels even if I don’t advertise this to my clients.” Mike’s background in different massage styles, diet and nutrition and energy work such as Reiki gives him what he believes to be a completely holistic approach to his work. “I treat everyone individually, with a comprehensive consultation first, and then a series of sessions tailored to their needs.” By knowing the right technique from the right style of massage is the key to the Fusion concept, and while Mike works intuitively drawing on his own experience he is very excited about a course he has developed to teach it to other people. “The Fusion massage is a dynamic technique that adapts to the client, working with the client’s body in layers releasing soft tissue tension at deeper levels than is normally achieved with other techniques.” The course is ideally suited to massage therapists looking to deepen their knowledge, improve their technique and make their practice more holistic. Courses will run for three months one day a week and covers anatomy and physiology, meridian theory, diet and nutrition, the Fusion techniques as well as the Reiki 1 attunement. One benefit Mike has found from developing the Fusion concept is how to maintain energy levels during treatment. Many therapists burn out by putting too much of their own energy into treatments,” Mike explained. “I teach people how to work more effectively without draining their own energy and can therefore do more sessions and work for longer.” As editor of La Chispa, I have tried quite a few different massage styles, and Fusion is certainly different. I recognised shiatsu techniques and sports therapy massage being used, and the particular problem I had worked on my calf muscles felt like it had really shifted after the first session.
Courses starting in October. For more information or to book a Fusion Massage treatment call 952 935 921 or 606 867 821
Horizon therapies, Miraflores Golf Academy, Riviera del Sol
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