Green Christmas

Every year we launch into the streets to shop like crazy urged on by the call of the publicity campaigns that start more than month before the festive season. But this blind consumerism is an unsustainable model both environmentally and socially. Environmentally, because to maintain the consumption of the western world we will need more than 3 planet earths to supply the necessary raw materials and socially because 12% of the people of the western world are responsible for 60% of consumption while the entire southwest Asia and sub-saharan Africa make up only 3.2%. With this in mind La Chispa offers some alternatives for the season – more sustainable and less consumer orientated. Buy in local shops and traditional markets; buy organic products, healthier and more sustainable produced without chemicals. Try and buy fair trade products that guarantee a reasonable wage for the people making them. Join consumer cooperatives and exchange schemes, promoting direct purchasing from producers and creating a celebration environmentally and socially fairer. click on the link below for some more suggestions for a green Christmas.

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