Greenpeace Action Against the Mallorca Incinerator

Greenpeace asks Mallorca´s Consell for a new waste management plan that includes a date to close the Son Reus incinerator and highlights reduction, re-use and recycling. Son Reus incinerates waste, a highly polluting practice that puts Mallorca on the map as one of the worst waste management spots in Spain. The majority of the island´s  rubbish is incinerated, thus generating over 100.000 tons of ash and dregs, serious environmental impact and a public health issue. In addition the local government has a project to use dregs from Son Reus for civil works, thus extending pollution all over the island via the cement, pipes, asphalt and pavement made from this waste material. Furthermore the local government has no problem in working with the private company TIRME whose waste management system is focused solely on maximising profits with no regard for the environmental impact of their actions. Read the full story in Spanish here

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