How to..meditate

The first phase in meditation consists of dispelling distractions and achieving certain mental clarity. A simple breathing exercise can help you get to this stage. Choose a calm place and sit cross legged or in any other comfortable position, even in a chair but keep your back straight.
Next, with eyes half shut, focus on your breathing. Be sure to breathe naturally through the nose without trying to control the process. Be conscious of the feeling of the air on its way in and out of your nose. We concentrate on this sensation as we try to ignore everything else.
Once we’ve practised this preliminary meditation we can move onto other exercises that will help us achieve inner peace. People interested in learning more about meditation can come to courses and classes at the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Alhaurín el Grande.
Kadampa meditation Centre, Alhaurin el Grande
Tel: 952 49 09 18.
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