Hypnosis and “living the Secret”

Tracy Saunders, clinical hypnotist makes some interesting connections between her work and The Secret. With the astonishing success of Rhonda Byrne’s book and film “The Secret” many of us have learned that we can bring abundance into our lives. But how? Essentially, the message is that all we have to do is to visualise what we want and it will come to us.  Amazing as it may seem, current research in such scientific areas as quantum physics actually do appear to substantiate this idea.  
Look at people who are happy and successful, they often seem to “attract” success, “They are lucky”, we say. Perhaps, or do they just expect luck, and then are not surprised when they receive it? People have a stubborn tendency to often return to the place where they started and often that place is failure. The neuro network forms internal connections which make it difficult to break out into other areas not so familiar. And so we fail, and continue to fail because it is all so familiar, leaving us back where we started and perhaps more cynical than before. The so-called Law of Attraction says that if we can visualise abundance it will come to us. The difficulty lies in making conscious mental pictures of what we want to achieve when for some reason we seem to be blocked with only pictures of what we have done, and all too often failed at, up to the present time. We become masters of our own failures.
And this is where hypnosis comes in. The unconscious mind brings us what it thinks we want and cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. It doesn’t recognise the difference between those scenarios we are afraid of, and already “see” as happening, and those we would really prefer to happen. It needs guidance, from ourselves. What that means is that if we can see ourrselves doing exactly what we have always wanted, if we can imagine ourselves as a happy person enjoying all the good things in life, those things will come. Automatically! Hard to believe? Somehow it seems to be true and even hard core physicists are bending over backwards to find out reasons why! As a trained hypnotherapist I can help you to access those areas that are holding you back and replace them with areas designed to help you move forward.  Once those thoughts of success are brought into the conscious level the universal Law of Attraction will do its utmost to bring all those good things you truly want into your life! Your unconscious mind has a much better life in store for you, and hypnosis can help you to break free of the past and be the best you can be.
Tracy Saunders is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist with Masters degrees in Philosophy and Psychologywww.headstartcentres.org or call Tracy at 952 855 436 or 686 315 328
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