La Chispa at 40

It takes a while to get to 40 when we only publish the magazine every two months, but here we are and nearly seven years have passed since Chispa first launched in spring 2002. A good time, then for a quick review of what we’ve done and a look ahead on how we plan to continue covering the alternative world of Andalucía. La Chispa is one of the only bilingual publications available in southern and with our focus on ecology, sustainability and natural living we have established a clear niche in a market dominated by glossy, consumer magazines. It’s been our privilege to represent a community of people looking for alternatives and new solutions in a changing world, and we thank you for doing what you do, providing great stories and, of course, advertising with us. As a free magazine we can only exist with the support of our advertisers, so if you like your Chispa please use their services so they stay with us. We’d especially like to thank those who have been advertising with us since the beginning – Bionatura, The European Shiatsu School,

Chris Howard our Osteopath and Mistiyan , now known as Natura Class. Many others have also been long and loyal clients and we appreciate all your past and, hopefully future business, it has been a pleasure working so many people who approach their work with honesty and integrity.

Looking ahead, none of us can ignore the changing landscape of our world, both environmentally, financially and spiritually, and we are at the forefront of this movement, looking for new ways of working and building sustainable business practices. Through the magazine and our web site,, we provide tools for positive change and a forum for personal development and open minded thinking. Keep up to date with our fortnightly e-newsletter by signing up on our home page.

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