Lapis Lazuli: Working with crystals part 6

Third eye chakra

The deep blue of lapis lazuli has been ground for paints that have inspired artists, it has been revered by healers for millennia, it has even been ground and eaten to make aphrodisiacs! Lapis reminds us of a starry night, a metaphor for our deepest subconscious and the great sparks of imagination and wisdom within us all. Lapis offers us a key to access this information. Today the energy of lapis helps us to tune in to our creativity and intuition. When sitting with a lapis a great clarity washes over the mind. We can ask for understanding of problems, we can intuit the meaning behind our feelings, we can decipher dreams and their symbols. With lapis the answers feel true and wise as if told by an old sage,  you can’t help but feel, or in this case know, as lapis is a mindful type of stone, lapis has the answer to any problem. We can also learn powerful magic via this velvet clad, wizard of stones.



Physically, a lapis assists with conditions such as senility, stimulating and activating the brain’s neuron pathways. Memory is heightened and we gain mental clarity. To benefit from these properties, simply clear your mind so you feel peaceful. Focus on the issue you need help with  and you’ll find the information you receive will be incredibly helpful and wholesome. Of course wearing lapis is another popular way of incorporating its energy into your life. So if 2007 left you feeling a little murky why not try a little cloud busting with a lapis to brighten and focus 2008? Enjoy!


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