Magnified Healing Part II

In MAGNIFIED HEALING we work with the violet flame of the 7th ray and with the Ascended Masters, especially with Kwan Yin, Melchizedek and Archangel Michael. The first phase of the workshop takes one and a half days. Students learn and practice meditation, breathing exercises, sacred geometry and affirmations, and after practising and establishing the energies during the next eleven days, they can teach the 1st phase to others. By aligning with the divine energies every day, you will increase the threefold flame in your heart and practise healing (of yourself, face to face or absent healing), you will feel better and better, and many positive changes will happen in your life. It’s an initiation that will push you to develop your own personal development. You will participate in the transmutation of negative energies and in the healing of the beloved planet Earth, connecting with all the other masters around the world.





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