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While at the recent ExpoYoga in Marbella, La Chispa had a chance to talk to people from all over Spain and we learned that Málaga prvince is considered to be well and truly on the eco-holistic map, so well done us for having high spiritual vibrations. Málaga city is very much at the heart of this growing movement and we continue our tour of her alternative side.
Starting near the port at the end of calle Larios we call in on Ismalar, a pioneering travel agency, not only specialising in responsible tourism, but actually creating the guidelines by which we define it. In a newly developing sector the details are still being worked out and Ismalar, through their subsidiary Turismo Responsible Hoy, are investigating together with the University of Malaga to establish these guidelines. Responsible tourism can be summarised in the following ten principles:
1. Think small scale, using local and family sized services benefits the community more and smaller groups allows better interaction with local populations.
2. Protect the environment, conserve resources and minimise waste.
3. Offset negative impacts such as CO² emissions from flying.
4. Promote the use of public transport and bicycles.
5. Respect local culture and traditions, and work with local populations for authentic experiences.
7. Use services and places that are accessible to the local population.
8. Promote ecology through action – be ethical, responsible, respectful, sensitive and non consumist.
9. Generate resources for the local community.
10 Support human rights, democratic movements and citizen participation and fight against undesirable impacts such as sex tourism, child exploitation and over development.
So if you are thinking of travelling bear these in mind and give Ismalar a call to help guide you round the world in an eco-friendly way.
La Luna
Down at the other end of calle Larios you enter the warren of small alleys that can lead to so many pleasant surprises in Málaga, and La Luna will certainly not disappoint. Packed with everything from clothes to incense, tarot cards and books, Luna has been serving the city’s new age seekers for ten years, run by the ever friendly Paqui. La Luna is in c/ Comedias and is practically a one-stop shop for esoteric Christmas shopping.
Coming out of the maze of back streets into Plaza de la Merced you will find one of Malaga’s oldest vegetarian restaurants, where most days people queue out of the door at lunchtime. Paco Urbano, the owner of Cañadu, has been using organic produce in the restaurant for over ten years, creating new and interesting dishes for the local and visiting population.
If you are looking for a new direction in the New Year the Japanese Shiatsu School, who recently hosted the first international Shiatsu Congress in Málaga, are starting new courses in January. Sign up now and learn the benefits of this therapeutic massage in a professionally taught environment with over twenty years’ experience.
La Luna, Boutique Nueva Era, c/ Comedias, 7 (esquina Nosquera); Tel: 952 602 569
Koruko – please note Koruko can be found in c/ Calderias, Galerias Goya, not in Plaza Uncibay. Call 952 609 790
Cañadu, Plaza de la Merced
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