Mint (Mentha Piperita) – Aromatherapy oils and their uses

This plant is linked to solstice celebrations like San Juan, it is said to help forget woes, reconciles one with life and keeps thoughts of death at bay. In the past, small bags full of mint leaves were tied to patient’s necks, vases of mint were also placed at the foot of the bed in order to breathe its medicinal aroma day and night. It purifies the blood, stimulates the liver function and blood circulation in the abdominal organs. In this sense, it works mainly in the stomach and intestines where it combats spasms, colic and bloatedness caused by anxiety.
High note: The oil is obtained by distilling the whole plant’s vapour, it contains menthol which is what gives it such a characteristic aroma.
Properties: Antispasmodic, analgesic, antiseptic, hepatic, digestive, astringent, cephalic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, tonifies the nervous system, brings down fever and repels insects.
Main indications:
Physical and mental exhaustion, depression, headache caused by a digestive issue, hepatic colic, digestive problems,hyperventilation, neuralgia, muscular pains, fever, flu, bronchitis, spasmodic coughing, dermatitis, dysmenorrhoea, scanty menstruation.
Precautions: Shouldn’t be used directly on the skin as in its pure form it can be an irritant, it’s best to dilute it in vegetable oil.
Spray for tired legs, deodorant and insect repellent
3 drops of mint
2 drops of lavender
1 drop of cypress
Put about 125 ml of distilled water in a spray bottle along with the essential oils. When sprayed on your legs it is refreshing, stimulates circulation, calms pains and acts as a deodorant. Luckily, it also repels insects, so you can keep mosquitoes away whilst smelling fresh and lovely.
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