October 10: Flower of Life Holistic Centre opens at Tarifa Eco-Centre

In April this year the Tarifa Ecocentre launched the non-profit organisation ‘Flower of Life’ in order to open an Holistic Centre as part of their dream to create a focal point for the eco-holistic community of Tarifa. “We are very excited about this part of the project,” explained Alicia, co-owner of the Ecocentre. “Having the ‘flower of Life’ incorporated into the Eco-Centre allows us to develop different activities, teach people about natural and holistic living, bring more people to the centre and completes the circle of what we are trying to do here.” Weekly classes in yoga, tai chi and other holistic disciplines form the basis of the centre’s activities while personal development courses, treatments and regular workshops will be available with practitioners from many disciplines using the Centre. At the time of going to print the Centre has also been running the Tarifa Festival for Peace and Sustainability, a two-day event in its second year with workshops, children’s activities and concerts. The Flower of Life Holistic Centre participated in this weekend by offering free classes and treatments.

Info: "La Flor De La Vida",  (dentro de Ecocenter) calle San Sebastian 6, Tarifa, call 956 680 432 Inauguration Oct 10 at 19.00 – free taster sessions, classes, food and drinks.

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