Photo Reporting for Citizens

Greenpeace is encouraging people to report any environmental offenses they come across in Spain on their new website The site is meant to be a tool for people to voice their disapproval on environmental degradation and pressurise the authorities to take steps to protect the environment. All you need is a camera or a cell phone in order to capture polluted rivers, buildings in protected spaces, etc. to help such calamities be known via the web. It’s a nationwide service that already has 150 reports, 4 of them being projects that damage Málaga’s ecosystem: GasNatural’s new plant in Campanillas despite complaints from the neighbours, a huge residential development called Merinos Norte in Serranía de Ronda, and the construction of golf courses over the Coín aquifer and the quarries in Sierra de Utrera.
Read the full story at El Observador here

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