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Possibly one of the most interesting developments in complementary medicine is the increase in what could be termed ‘vibrational’ or ‘energetic’ systems such as homeopathy and flower essences. This issue Phil Speirs turns his antenna to the field of Radionics and finds out if he’s tuned in or picking up static.

Originating from the ancient art of radiesthesia, in which our ancestors dowsed with rods or a pendulum, Radionics evolved and by the Middle Ages it was possible to locate unhealthy organs by thumping on a patient’s abdomen and assessing the resultant reverberations.  In the early 1900s this practice was refined by an American physician, Dr Abrams who developed a technique of rubbing the abdomen with a glass rod until he found a sticking point.  The spot where the stickiness occurred would indicate which organ was suffering from disharmonious vibrations and needed to be treated. Abrams later developed an electrical device which utilised a glass plate where he could gently rub his finger and feel the same stickiness. King George V despatched a pair of physicians to study under him who reported no doubts regarding the authenticity and effectiveness of Radionics. Ruth Drown, a chiropractor, built more sophisticated electronic instruments for diagnosis and treatment, based on her clinical research spanning from the late 1930s to the early 1960s. Using her Radionic instruments and her psychic healing energy, Drown was able to treat her patients remotely, wherever they were in the world, by keeping their blood crystals on file and using them as witness samples.

Radionics, to put it simply, is a healing modality that measures and analyses vibrations to understand the genesis of different diseases and uses complementary vibrations to ‘heal’ the disease, or bring the body back into equilibrium so that the healing process can function. The idea behind Radionics is that we are all connected through the electro-magnetic energy field of the earth – any distortion of an individual’s field can lead to disease. In Radionics every organ, disease and remedy has its own unique frequency, known in Radionics as a ‘Rate’. These are used as the focal point for the testing and treatment and are extremely detailed. A practitioner will usually use a set of apparatus with a number of frequency dials on to assess a patient through a system of dowsing or using a form of extra sensory perception (ESP) to make their analysis. As a practitioner becomes more experienced with Radionics and the tools they use they become more tuned in to the frequencies and therefore better able to make an accurate analysis of the patient’s problems. Kaj Bering who has been studying Radionics for more twenty years, runs the International Institute for Vibrational Medicine (IIVM) in Benalmadena. “Radionics equipment gives us a comprehensive insight into the person’s overall wellbeing and whether there are any blockages, infections or parasites,” Kaj explained. “We then set up a programme of treatment based on this analysis.”

A typical session involves filling in a detailed form and sending it together with a sample of handwriting to the clinic. Because of the nature of Radionics this is enough for the practitioner to make the analysis. Some clinics use a hair or blood sample but the IIVM has found this is not necessary and the patient’s presence is not required. The therapist will use a diagnosis machine to analyse the frequencies of all the major bodily functions and organs and note any that are out of harmony with their optimum level. A treatment programme is set up on a series of smaller machines which are carefully set every two hours by an operator following the procedure set by the therapist. A complete treatment can take up to ten weeks after which another analysis is done to ensure the process was successful. LP of Graz, Austria commented, “I was waiting for treatment for a triple heart bypass in hospital but after three days of Radionics I was able to leave hospital without an operation…..the doctors could not understand how my valves were working so well.”


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