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As the summer time drives us to drink more, many people are drinking sweet carbonated drinks and alcohol, which not only do not satisfy our thirst but also affect the hydration balance in the body – even dehydrating us. Our health detectives step out of the shade to find out how we should be looking after ourselves in the heat of the day.

Our body consists of 70 – 75 % liquid that carries all the information, nutrients and messengers to all the cells in the body. These agents float best in the pure energized water from nature that has been cleaned and mineralised by passing through the layers of earth. Water ‘dies’ when it is transported in long tubes and stored in plastic bottles for a long time as its structure changes, while the addition of chloride and other cleansing agents also influence the positive attributes of the water. What we think should be clean healthy water is not always as it appears, often there is so much chlorine in it to make it undrinkable, and while many people install water filters or buy bottled water from the supermarket, is this sufficient?

Some of our clients use a water ionizer which filters, cleans and ionizes the tap water using electrolysis. Acidic minerals are separated from the alkaline minerals and you can set the pH level of the water. Watch out for acidic water and other soft drinks [see box out below]

The water ionizer device can also help the kidneys and the internal buffer system to regulate the pH. It is not only what we eat and drink that can influence pH levels, but exercise, stress and pollution all play a role so a healthy lifestyle is essential for creating optimum pH in the body.

A water ionizer not only changes pH levels but the Oxidation Reduction potential (ORP or ‘Redox’) of the water. This is the ability of the water to oxygenize and de-oxygenize. In Asia investigations has been going on for several years, and reports indicate that alkaline water with high pH is essential for health but that the ORP is even more important. It influences how we rust and rot! Oxidation is what happens when an apple turns brown, the apple is starting to decay, just like iron rusts when it is oxidized. The oxidation happens when electrons are “stolen” on the surface, and if the water is enhancing this oxidation it has a positive ORP-value. 
As you are sipping soft drinks, sports or energy drinks, you are literally drinking an acid drink not an energy drink that is stealing the life right out of you. ALL of these so called energy drinks have a pH of around 2.5 to 3.5 with a positive ORP of 350 to 450. With every sip the body has to use its stored energy to ionize the acidic energy drink which results in an energy loss not an energy gain. What these drinks give you is a quick sugar fix and a release of electrical energy designed for releasing alkaline buffers to neutralize the poisonous acids in the so-called energy drink. It is like peeing in your trousers on a cold winter’s day – first it makes you warm – then for the rest it is cold, nasty and sucks our energy!

De-oxidation occurs when electrons are donated in order to prevent or diminish the oxidation and this is measured as a negative ORP value in the water, which literally prevents ‘rusting and rotting’. Hence when we drink water with a high pH and minus ORP-value, we are drinking antioxidants. Tap water normally has a positive ORP value, but ionized water has high ph (7,5 – 9) and negative ORP level, with some variance depending on the water ionizer and the mineral content in the tap water. Healthy water is alkaline ionized mineral water with a pH 7,5 up to 9 and negative ORP. That will create an alkaline internal swimming pool in our body with an electrical charge of minus 200 – 400 mV. This means that alkaline ionized water is repairing the damages done to the body due to work, training and stress. We find this information very valuable and have seen impressive results when our clients start drinking the alkaline ionized water together with supportive food and lifestyle changes. While we are not here to advertise water-ionizers, in the summer heat we find this very relevant as another viewpoint on how to live well and improve our personal health.

Bad Acidity
When the pH in a liquid changes from 7 to 6 it is 10 times more acidic. Some soft drinks, such as colas, can have a pH of 2.5 making them nearly 50,000 times more acidic than neutral water of pH 7. This is a major stress on our blood liquid system, which need to be kept in very narrow levels of pH (7,35 – 7,45). You would need 20 – 30 glasses of pH neutral water to counteract one glass of fizzy cola. Proper pH-level is not only important for creating a healthy swimming pool. For the human body to survive the pH-value in the liquid, and hence the tissue, has to be between a narrow range of 7,35 – 7,45. If it goes down to 7,2 or up to 7.5 we die. Hence it is crucial to maintain a proper pH –level in the body. Normal bottled water is more or less neutral pH 6,5 – 7, which pulls a little on the alkaline buffer system but nothing like the fizzy drinks.

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