Red and Green Guide to GM ingredients

Worried about GM food in your shopping? Greenpeace Spain have published a digital version of their guide to what every day products do or do not contain genetically modified ingredients. Thanks to three years of public debate generated by the first three editions of the guide, Greenpeace claim a success for consumers in getting many companies to abandon GM ingredients in their products. The majority of GM ingredients found in human food are varieties of soya and corn and the guide contains lists of products containing at least one ingredient or derivative such as flour, oils fructose and dextrose. The green list is for products guaranteed to contain no GM ingredients and the red list includes products where GM ingredients were found or where there was no guarantee that they did not include some GM ingredients. As the EU has recently passed legislation allowing manufacturers to produce goods with up to 0.9% GM content without informing the buying public, the list becomes more important for concerned consumers.

Download the guide here

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