Shiosaki: bringing Wellness to the heart of Estepona

Shiosaki has been created as a centre for wellness and personal growth by two practitioners who have been living and working in the area for over twenty five years. Jennifer Saxon and Maria Elena wanted to create a special place for people to learn about a variety of alternative therapies, with an emphasis on integral health. Therapies available include emotional guidance, Iridology, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki and Reflexology, along with classes in Chi Kung, Pilates, and a variety of massages. The main focus, though, is on personal development using Gestalt Therapy as the principal basis. Gestalt Therapy can teach a new way to look at life, providing the necessary tools for people to take charge of their life. Therapy sessions include the basic teaching of Gestalt psychology, Zen teachings such as living in the present and Jungian theories such as identification and acceptance of opposites. The patient learns to accept himself in all aspects, including those parts considered negative, healing the past and identifying past conditioning. The main object of Gestalt Therapy is that the patient becomes more authentic and supports his decisions and takes responsibility for the consequences. Patients also acquire self acceptance and independence, identifying the reality of situations instead of creating a mental fantasy and recover the enthusiasm for living.
On a more spiritual level the centre also promote the EMF Balancing Technique which clears the patient’s energy field of blockages. Combining the EMF Balancing Tecnique with Gestalt Therapy enables the patient to make greater progress in their personal development. Today’s spiritual teachings stress the need for individuals to clear past conditioning, habits and roles to be able to evolve on a spiritual and human level. The Shiosaki Centro de Bienestar is dedicated to providing the means and personal support so that this evolution can take place.
Shiosaki Centro de Bienestar: – Calle El Cid 13, 29680 Estepona. –
Tel: 952 80 09 27 Email:
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