The Alternative Side of Málaga

As we start to understand more about how we are made up of the physical, mental and spiritual, so we start looking for more holistic solutions to our life’s needs. La Chispa aims to provide a window into the alternative world and in this issue we continue our tour of alternative Málaga, and where better to start than two new holistic centres offering natural, holistic therapies and activities.
Sananda recently opened in a central location near the bus station, and provides a tranquil space for workshops, classes and therapists. Owner Toni is well known in Málaga having run health food shop and meeting space Mens Sana for many years, but is now enjoying being able to focus on her therapies and organising activities at Sananda. “It’s more peaceful without the shop,” Toni explained when we dropped by for a visit. “We already have some regular classes and workshops booked in for the autumn and welcome people looking for somewhere central to bring their groups.”
On the other side of town Claro Como el Agua is also a recently opened therapy centre bringing together professionals in various disciplines to offer integrated healing for mind, body and spirit. There is an emphasis on transpersonal psychology, recognising the need for a clear mind to create authentic wellbeing and internal harmony, while massage therapies and Rolfing work on the physical level, and Reiki helps restore energy reserves. Recognising the importance of the environment they work in, owners Veronica and Miguel Angel have created a tranquil space full of light and harmonious energy and emphasise a personalised approach at affordable prices. 
We’d like to remind our readers about the first Shiatsu congress taking place at the end of October in the city – one of the most popular massage therapies, the two day event is organised by the Japanese Shiatsu School and includes talks, workshops and practical information from many respected practitioners including Sensei Namikoshi, founder of one of the most widely practiced forms of shiatsu in the world.
Once we have worked on developing our inner peace, balancing our chakras or meditating on the meaning of life at these excellent centres we shouldn’t forget the other integral part of living and go and find some great food to keep us going. Fortunately Malaga has no shortage of good places including a variety of fine vegetarian restaurants, such as the newest addition El Huerto de los Apañaos near Plaza Merced. Although the premises are new, owner Manuel is no stranger to the vegetarian kitchen having helped run the vegetarian society’s café nearby for sixteen years, and has brought the same principles of quality using fresh local ingredients, good value and paying attention to the experience of eating that make it more than just a meal. “Take your time, turn off the mobile……..” the menu encourages us to take it easy and slow down while enjoying our food.
And if all this leaves us feeling a bit lethargic we should still make sure we have some energy for a stroll round town and our final place to visit is Koruko, a local institution, well known for its funky accessories, ethnic clothes and decorations from India and Thailand. Rafi, celebrating her tenth anniversary in Plaza Uncibay in the centre of town spends time herself in India and Thailand carefully choosing the contents of the shop, something her clientele clearly appreciate as the shop constantly bustles with people checking out the latest arrivals.
Toni 647 097 414
Claro Como el Agua
Cañada de los Ingleses, 26D
Veronic Vijande
Tel: 952 220 024 or 696 498 956
El huerto de los Apanñaos
c/ Dos Arcos 18-20
Tel: 952 212 868
Plaza Uncibay
Tel: 952 609 790
Escuela Japonesa de Shiatsu  952 64 49 91
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