The New Nappy Revolution!

Living in ‘Stroller Paradise’, aka Estepona, you come across lots of babies. Do you ever wonder why some are more content than others? Obviously it could be anything from a sleepless night to hunger or teething; another possible cause is that the baby is uncomfortable because their temperature is rising from the plastics contained in their disposable nappy retaining their body heat? The American Journal of Paediatrics stated that 54% of one month old babies wearing disposable nappies had rashes and up to 16% were severe and in general nappy rash has increased by over 50% with the growing use of throwaway nappies. There are alternatives and using cloth nappies is not only good for your baby’s sensitive skin, it is also great for the environment. Instead of being exposed to plastics and chemicals the only thing a baby will be in contact with are natural fibres and breathable material that is essential for good ventilation of the skin. It is estimated that one child growing up with disposable nappies will generate 1 ton of waste. Washable cloth nappies are also kinder on your pocket. Disposable nappies can cost up to 1,289€, while a washable alternative such as Popolini, Europe’s largest manufacturer of washable nappies, estimate a total cost of 505€ for the same time period, including the water, electricity and washing powder.
Info: Roxanne Sancto, Made in Estepona, Calle Flores 6, 29860 Estepona

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