The Vision Council.

From The Vision Council: “Do a daily blessing. Centre yourself within your heart and reconnect with the intelligence of all the cells within your body and acknowledge your Spirit, Soul and Ancestors.” Generating spiritual awakening alongside ecological awareness was the central theme of a 3 day Vision Council held in Glastonbury, U.K. in early May. Those attending heard from invited guests such as Peace Chief Sonne Reyna; Alberto Ruz, bridge-person/chakaruna; the Sacred Council of Elders and Priests from the Americas. The purpose of the gathering was to bring indigenous wisdom from the Americas to discover what we can learn from people whose lives are more influenced by a spiritual path that is closely aligned to the ways of Nature.
The Vision Council recognized that we need to find a balance between personal, family, community, national and global matters occupying a persons mind at any one time. The news we receive is considered by many to be either biased, ill informed or speculative and negative and many people ‘switch off’ or allow important things to ‘wash over them’. Individuals need to make choices and suggestions of the Vision Council included: “Reconnect with the cycles in our own land. Awake with the sunrise, honour the beginning of each day, give thanks for your experience and learning from the world of nature, and reconnect with trees and plants.” And concerning the media: “Be mindful of TV & radio; tune into the positive & uplifting, endeavour to avoid toxic, fear based media manipulation.”
The council highlighted six words to aid spiritual growth alongside ecological awareness…….
Peace and Harmony
These two words, when shared with those close to us, can quickly spark a chain reaction deep within. Later, take risks and share them with people you only vaguely know. Offer your hand in Peace, smile at your boss, and help the person who has fallen in the street.
Truth and Honesty
If you are being Truthful to yourself then you are being Honest to everyone. Can you say that you are being Truthful to yourself, if you judge somebody who has made you angry or has upset you in anyway? Once you acknowledge the Truth then Honesty will be found and shine from within you.
Compassion and love
Both these words work deeply within human consciousness. Compassion has the ability to develop attitudes beyond the work place or government. And Love, the great challenger, because true love can only be fully manifested in a person in an ‘unconditional’ way.
In conclusion the Vision Council felt that “The poverty and confusion of the 21st century child, the sacking of Earth’s rainforests, the rape of her materials and resources, and the abuse of her animals and oceans, are all shadows being thrown by greed and a failure of moral understanding.”
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