Therapists need First Aid Training

First Aid training is something many people think about but often don’t get round to. For practicing therapists though, it should be an essential part of their training. People who are looking for treatments in complementary medicine and alternative therapies should use therapists who are registered with reputable bodies who would require this of their students as much as holding proper insurance. Liane Davis of 1st Aid Spain has a very personal mission to get everyone, not just therapists, trained in basic first aid. “It is so obvious to me that basic knowledge of how to look after someone before an ambulance arrives can save many lives,” Liane told Chispa. “My passion also comes from personal experience after saving my son’s life when he was five years old. Without first aid knowledge he wouldn’t have made it.” The issue for therapists has particular relevance for Chispa readers, but Liane also offers courses aimed at beach-goers, parents, nannies, aupairs, tourist workers and those in many other lines of work. “Do you know how to deal with a choking baby? What happens if someone has a stroke? Or faints? How to give CPR? What to do about a burn? A break?” Liane pointed out that these and many others are conditions we can all encounter at work or at home and after her own experience is all too aware of how important knowing the answers to these questions might be.
Test your knowledge on 1st Aid Spain’s web site with their mini-quiz
For courses and information call Liane on 664 445 665
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