Threat of Desertification in Spain

Over 35% of the land mass of Spain is under threat of desertification in varying degrees according to the National Action Programme Against Desertification (PAND) in a recent report. 74% of Spain is dry and arid and in these areas an alarming percentage is classified as being above medium risk of complete desertification if more measures aren’t taken to slow down or reverse the process caused by factors such as poor agricultural practices, erosion and degradation of the land. Some proposals to counter the threat include integrating environmental factors into the pricing policies of agriculture, and introducing measures to prevent and reduce the degradation of the land. In forests they propose to restore ground cover and increase the amount of tree cover and in the water sector to make sure there are action plans in the event of droughts and a proper management of the underground water supplies for sustainable use.

Ecologistas en Acción

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