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The first step, as described in the Transition Networks guide is to set up an initial steering group. This is the exact wording: set up a steering group and design its demise from the outset. This stage puts a core team in place to drive the project forward during the initial phases. We recommend that you form your Steering Group with the aim of getting through stages 2 – 5, and agree that once a minimum of four sub-groups (see #5) are formed, the Steering Group disbands and reforms with a person from each of those groups. This requires a degree of humility, but is very important in order to put the success of the project above the individuals involved. Ultimately your Steering Group should become made up of 1 representative from each sub-group. We are looking for (4-5) people to make up this initial group. The fundamental requirement for participation is that you have the time available to dedicate to the job – perhaps up to a day a week. If you do have the time, and the inclination, then please mail us at: A further task is to create the individual groups that will investigate each of the aspects of the local economy that will be effected by energy descent. The aspects so far identified are Agriculture, Tourism, Energy, Transport, Health, Education, Employment, Administration, Economy. We already have lists of people who have expressed interest in one or more of these aspects and we will be organizing meetings for these groups soon. However, if you have not expressed interest in any group as yet, but would like to participate in any of them (or create a new group) then please do so now by mailing …
giving details your specific interest, together with any ideas you may have. One of the fundamental objectives of the Transition Movement is to inform the maximum number of people. Therefore we ask that you send us email addresses of anyone (local or not) who you think will be interested in the Transition issues, for inclusion on the ‘Bulletins’ list. Finally, we plan to have the next meeting before Christmas. The main object will be ‘social interaction’ – to allow people to get to know one another. We will circulate the date and venue when we’ve received all your replies to this bulletin.
To learn more about the Transition Towns movement please take a look here…
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