Visions of Utopia

A recent trip up to Madrid and a visit to the annual eco-fair Biocultura was, as always an illuminating experience, showing how natural and sustainable alternatives continue to become more mainstream and established as more people are looking to change their habitual patterns of consuming and living. In case any Chispa readers weren’t aware of the truths underlying the problems in our current capitalist paradigm I would recommend by passing the mainstream press and doing a bit of online research – Chris Martenson’s Crash Course will give you most of what you need to understand the ‘cliff’ we are about to drop off, and I recommend watching Zeitgeist Movie or The Money Masters. But dwelling on problems inevitably leads to negativity and inertia, so here at Chispa we prefer to look for solutions which lead to action and inspiration. I was lucky enough to be at the very first Transition Towns meeting to be held in Spain, organised by Felipe Roman of Ecologistas en Accion and James Machin, in Estepona. This model started in Ireland four years ago and aims to develop an ‘energy descent plan’ to help local communities move into a low carbon world in a sustainable and viable way. From the initial meeting people inspired to get involved will help their local community to make a plan for everything from education to industry to tourism. Be part of the change.
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