Vitamin D

According to a recent review article in the New England Journal of Medicine vitamin D deficiency in Americans and Europeans is remarkably high, and that the body needs higher amounts than we might be lead to believe, being the amount of vitamin D in the blood not how much is ingested.
News studies also link deficiency to winter illnesses as the immune system is impaired. 60,000 Americans die from pneumonia-influenza and maintaining optimal vitamin D levels could help reduce fatalities. One reason so many people deteriorate in hospital environments may be the lack of natural sunlight and poor diet depriving them of this key vitamin. While once thought of mainly as protection against osteoporosis, vitamin D emerges as something of a super star, protecting against many conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, chronic muscle pain and metabolic syndrome, heart failure and strokes. While exposure to sunlight is one element some studies indicate that this might not be enough in all cases and researchers in sun-drenched Hawaii found it can stay low even with ample sun time.
This and other findings indicated that the body’s ability to use sunlight to convert to vitamin D may diminish with age, and so high dose (1,000 IU) supplements are often recommended. 

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You can check your levels of vitamine D by a simple blood test. For more information contact Dr.J.Garant Mendoza; 952 77 0714,

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