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The International Yoga School (EIY) has opened a centre in the heart of Marbella . Lucía Prezioso and Víctor Martínez are running the new facility located at Avenida Ricardo Soriano 36. As one of the most prestigious Yoga Teacher schools in Europe , EIY has both the European Yoga Federation and World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda certification. EIY was also one of the founding schools of the Spanish Federation of Professional Yoga (FEYP). The International Yoga School is an open platform, a coherent space which aims to provide its students with bona fide education. Both Yoga practice and personal growth, as well as the learning process and the possibilities and benefits of the techniques taught at EIY are based on a close and personal relationship with the student. All beliefs and personal paths are treated with the utmost respect.


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The International Yoga School in Marbella will soon become a point of reference in Yoga activities and Teacher Training in Andalucía. EIY’s main office is in Madrid, and there are two other centres open in Elche and Palma de Mallorca. Mayte Criado, the school’s founder, along with the rest of the EIY team often travel from one centre to another to take part in the different activities and classes organised by each school. Registration for the next  International Course of Yoga Teacher Training 2008-2009 starts in June and there are daily classes in Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga. You can always have a trial lesson for free. There is a weekly meditation space and they organise an intensive specialised course every month. The International Yoga School are busy organising EXPOYOGA MARBELLA 2008 for the first weekend in October.

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