450 scientists and representatives of society sign against GMOs

Shiva has participated, along with Friends of the Earth, COAG, Ecologists in Action and Greenpeace, in submitting a new list of signatures to the Civil Society Declaration on the use of GMOs in agriculture and food. This document has the support of a large part of society. Since the last submission a year ago there has been a clear increase in support. Already more than 450 researchers, academics, professional agricultural organizations, ecological associations, consumers, agricultural producers, eco-development NGOs and private sector organizations have joined this manifesto. The document denounces the serious dangers of GMOs for biodiversity and health. The rejection by society reflects the growing evidence that GMOs are a issue affecting the whole society. While the techno-scientific world is a part of the debate, it is the whole of society who must make decisions that affect agriculture, food, and applications of GMOs. "This document should enable the Government of Spain, who claims to have progressive policies to take note of the overwhelming social opposition to GMOs and modify their policies that at present only benefit the agri-biotech corporations, "said Vandana Shiva, author and winner of the scientific alternative Nobel prize for his work in environmental protection and women’s rights in India. "The Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine should reconsider its commitment to GM and focus to Spanish real, progressive and modern agriculture solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable such as organic farming" she added.

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