A large ball of bags threatens to crush climate change

The campaign ‘Demand for Climate Justice!’ aims to get 500,000 signatures to present to the government of President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero demanding serious cuts in CO² emissions (specifically, 40% reductions by 2020 and 80% 2050). As part of the campaign InspirAction (www.inspiraction.org) has launched a fun and inspired project: to enter the Guinness world record for the largest ball of plastic bags in the world.

To build this huge ball of bags, InspirAction is asking everyone committed to seeing a world free of poverty and serious environmental problems, to give up their plastic bags in exchange for a InspirAction cotton bag. In addition, anyone who delivers bags can also sign the petition addressed to the Spanish authorities for a real commitment to combating climate change. InspirAction has already started to collect plastic bags in Madrid to make and break the Guinness record and the movement has launched a door-to-door bag collection, carried out by two cyclist activists.

According to Serene Assir, Head of Campaigns and Communication at InspirAction: “The response has been very positive. Everyone wants to take part, and as we all felt that we must do more to solve the problems of our world, it is through taking action and doing something positive about it, that things will change more quickly than some might believe.”


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