A Little Star Within

When I was a child I liked to rise my head up at night to see the stars in the sky. My heart longed to be with them… to be them. But instead of being there I was here, on Earth, and my life, although very difficult, had to go forward. But the sadness and the sorrow within were too strong that I finally got broken… both, my heart and my soul. And only my consciousness, as a pulsing little star within continued to remind me who I was and the deep reasons for what I was here. The time went by and almost thirty years later I awoke one more time in my lifetimes, and I began to find my path. Although it had been hard and difficult, I could learn, or maybe I could say to remember one more time, to love and forgive. So little by little, step by step, I started to heal my own bounds. As well as a healer I also helped to heal many people first in Barcelona, Spain, some years later in Monterrey, Mexico, and then in Albuquerque, NM, USA. Finally I returned to Spain.
Now I can say that stars are very precious things not only up far away, but here on Earth… inside us, where they are pulsing as magical lights, shining ceaselessly day and night along our lifetimes, accompanying our soul in its evolution through the Universe.
They are a marvellous, beautiful and perfect expression of our consciousness within, the consciousness’ expression we could call merkabah. Although the merkabah is a complex field of light around our soul and body, it is placed not only around us, but inside giving life to our body and soul and creating all we had been, all we are and all we can become to be. But above all there is a place where we can really find ourselves in order to restore What We Really Are. Our star within is connected to the Love of the Universe through a brilliant grid that surrounds us. This array includes animals and trees, mountains and oceans, boulders and rivers, the planet Earth and extends beyond spreading across the galaxy. This magnificent Crystalline Grid wraps all kind of life remembering us that we all are One, and that our task is to express and manifest this oneness in order to restore ourselves, the Nature and our lovely planet, the Earth.
Our star, or merkabah within, is the place spotted inside us where we can change our life, heal the past, learn from the present and create our future… if we really want it from our heart. Because our true desire awakes the power of Love within and around us… so the way to return at home has begun. One way to do that is through a meditation that I titled as “Breathing through our Star”. In order to do that meditation, first we have to sit down,… close our eyes, calm down ourselves taking some deep breaths and be sure that we have some time only for us without interruptions as telephone, family or friends.
Then, we start…
First we can invoke our Higher Self and the luminous beings that surround us, invoking protection and luminosity. And then from the sixth chakra, as if we wanted to enter inside ourselves…
We inhale until the air we breathe arrives to our star, placed two centimetres above our belly button, and exhale the air through it, as if we wanted to expand the star outside our body…
Inhale driving the air through our body until it arrives to our star within, and then exhale bringing the air out of our body before us…
Creating in this way a circle…
A boundless circle that connects us to our consciousness… our inner state of Peace, our inner state of Love, of Health, of Abundance, of Happiness,…
Along this circle we awake our star and uplift its vibration; it recovers its own connections with the Universe of Love and we recover all we really are.
If we meditate in that way very often, day by day we are going to feel part of it, while it expands, transforms and creates… we could feel that our star is All… so we are All.
And at that moment we are ready to remember that we are part of the Earth and the Universe as well… we are part of the Universal Energy Field that surrounds us and, at the same time, It is inside us.
So, we remember Who We Really Are and the task we are committed to do here and now.
And from then on the eternity is within and so we are… Love.
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