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Situated at the heart of the Guadalhorce valley, Coín has been the home of La Chispa for the past seven years. The alternative side of Coín has been developing far longer than that of course and so we felt it was time to catch up with the people old and new who are working towards a more natural, ecological and sustainable future. In the first of a series of articles, editor Phil Speirs spends time with two associations working to bring alternative culture and education to the town. 

The cultural association Coiniños bring a fresh and enthusiastic presence to cultural activities in the town. Started just three years ago by a group of young people who believed in different ways of doing things, Coiniños have developed a number of projects since they started. “We didn’t want to play football or basketball, and there really wasn’t much else,” explained spokesperson Fran. “Coiniños offer a whole range of activities from story telling to juggling and other circus skills, theatre and music, which we think should be incorporated more into the general curriculum.” Public offerings include an annual day of alternative activities in the Alameda Park including workshops using recycled materials that emphasises another element of the Coiniños, a commitment to the environment as well as social responsibility. This year’s event will be held a the end of June, while from April to June there is a series of ‘sintonizate’ workshops. Check their web site for details
Looking for new ideas in education for their children a group of idealistic parents recently set up the non-profit association ‘La Casa Verde’ and found a rural finca near to the town where they could develop their children’s education along a different path to the mainstream. Broadly following the Montessori system ‘Casa Verde’ provides a place for the children to meet every day and, with a monitor to keep an eye on them, offers a wide range of educational activities using natural materials aiming to encourage the children to explore learning for themselves. “So much education is spoon fed to us,” explained Colette, the Montesorri trained monitor, “here we provide a rich environment where the children can develop their own interests, and we help guide them through the activities.” A key element to the running of the project is the participation of the parents, some of whom stay and help on a daily basis while a monthly meeting is compulsory for everyone to discuss the running of the association and any issues arising with the children.

INFO: Asociación La Casa Verde Colett 665 629 528 Sandra 635 885 366  Asociación de Ocio y Tiempo Libre Coiniñ@s Tel: 656 610 660

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