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Welcome to the alternative side of Málaga, the place where all your natural, holistic and eco needs are waiting to be discovered. This issue we take you on a journey round the city to find local health food shops, holistic centres, reintroduce you to our favourite bookshop for oriental wisdom, drop in on centres for personal development as well as learning about healthy vegetarian cooking.

“We are what we eat,” said Hipocrates, so why not find out how to eat really healthy vegetarian food with a course in vegetarian cooking run by ‘Sabor-e-Arte’, a big hit with their food stall at our summer festival in San Pedro. Based in Málaga courses are run by Paqui Garcia in a pleasant rural location and using fresh local ingredients students learn how to create sumptuous dishes for all occasions.
For those looking for wholesome, healthy activities Málaga has plenty to offer. This issue we travelled to Rubayat which has recently opened in c/ Jonas in the Ejido area of the city offering regular classes in yoga, chi kung and dance from many cultures as well as weekend courses on many different subjects including Mandala painting, Taoism and Astrology as well as concerts and . Ignacio Bejar, well-known for his musical work with groups such as Khairkan and El Sombrero del Alquimista, has opened the centre with partner Svetlana Ilina and together they bring a rich experience in music, movement and dance for those people looking to connect with their higher essence and inner potential.
If developing knowledge and wisdom are what you are looking for, the Málaga branch of the Lectorium Rosacruces are part of an international network of Gnostic Christian associations that were started in the early 1900s to promote self-knowledge and personal development. Their basic premise is of there being two natural orders – on one hand there is the known cycle of nature that includes living and dying and on the other is the divine cycle that transcends this, being static rather than transitory. Within each of us is a remnant, or spark, of this higher, divine order and this leads to a yearning for knowledge for this long lost eternal state. The teachings aim to give students the tools to realise their own awakening to wisdom, acknowledge this yearning, the surrender of the ‘I’, and establishing a set of principles for living based on intuition coming from the divine spark.
Full of health and vigour and with an awakened mental state, head home with the ingredients you need to keep the stove bubbling with those natural, healthy vegetarian recipes. Málaga has many local markets for fresh produce but if you are looking for health foods call in at Cuidate, a classic ‘herboristeria’ right in the centre by Plaza Merced. Recently reopened with new management, Cuidate stocks all the natural ingredients you need for healthy eating. But Cuidate is more than just a shop, and offers a wide range of natural therapies including a dietician, massage therapies, Reiki, naturopathy and also astrology services. They are offering their special Christmas hamper for those interested in a healthy, eco-christmas and publish details of this and all updates on their blog at
The last thing you will need for a satisfying evening at home is be a good book filled with wisdom, and where better to get one than our favourite esoteric book store 5 Anillos in c/ Mariblanca – stocking a fantastic selection of books on martial arts, eastern wisdom, personal development and natural living, 5 Anillos also has an art gallery and workshop space where people study the iChing and Japanese calligraphy.INFO:

c/ Jonás nº4 (zona de El Ejido)

Svetlana: 655 510 561 & Ignacio: 658 921 373
Reuniones 2º martes cada mes
Tel: 952 102 044
Herboristeria Cuidate
Cesta ecológico navideño
c/ Victoria, 10
Tel: 952 22 50 03
5 Anillos
Libreria, exposiciones, clases
c/ Mari Blanca, 6
Tel: 952 22 17 48
Sabor e Arte
Cocina vegetariana
Cursos y Catering
Tel: 625 475 616
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