Cellular Healing: Getting to the roots of dis-ease.

 Cellular Healing is a powerful and effective approach which addresses the root causes of our problems, whether they manifest as physical disease or more emotionally based issues such as depression, dysfunctional relationships or low self-esteem.

 In the case of physical diseases such as cancer or heart problems, paradoxically the cause does not lie inside the affected cells or organs, but outside! Some years ago Dr Bruce Lipton, a research biologist, was working on a cure for muscular dystrophy. He removed dystrophic cells from some of his patients and grew them in the laboratory in tissue culture. To his amazement the cells, removed from their human hosts, regained normal functioning without any therapeutic intervention. Similar results have been reported in cancer cells. This unexpected phenomenon clearly shows that the root cause of the problem is not the cells, but the environment in which they are operating- the sum total of a Human Being.

It is now scientifically proven that the membrane of the cell (its outer “skin”) is an incredibly sophisticated biological brain, receiving vast amounts of information from its surroundings and responding by switching on or off the various processes it is designed to carry out depending on its specific position and role in the body. It is also known, through the development of quantum science, that human thoughts and emotions, though apparently nebulous, have effects at a biochemical level, producing a range of complex molecules. It is these “chemical thought & feelings” when produced over time, which affect our cell biology. As Dr Deepak Chopra put it: “happy thoughts make healthy cells”. By the same token, negative thoughts and emotions (fear, anger, guilt etc) compromise healthy cell function and, in chronic cases, lead to disease.
Moreover, cells remember! Experiments with plants showed that even a simple house-plant registers emotion, and remembers it. Beyond our brain-based awareness we have a cellular memory of everything that has ever impacted us at a profound level. Often this record is obscured by the conscious mind-particularly if it contains traumatic memories – but nevertheless continues to affect us at a cellular level. So when we get to a heart attack for instance, what is really happening is that our heart has finally succumbed to an internal assault that may have been going on for much of our lives.
Cellular Healing allows us to safely gain access to this hidden yet all-important level of our mind-body, and to identify the root causes of problems whether they stem from a past or current experience. The negative emotional energy and accompanying beliefs are gently released, and the person restored to happiness and health.

INFO: For more information contact Richard Waterborn. Richard Waterborn has developed the cellular healing techniques over 25 years of professional experience as a healer and therapist. He currently lives and practices in Andalucia. www.richardwaterborn.com/

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