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Is there anyone out there who has lost a family member or friend to cancer? Well I’m sad to say that I’ve just lost another, the wife of a good friend. Tragic as it may be, I thought I’d take this situation, which I cannot change, and try and perhaps encourage others to make a little shift in their lives and thus change the outcome for the better.

Diane’s husband asked me why a healthy girl should get cancer. Well on the surface she appeared healthy but when I analyzed her lifestyle she had stress, an acidic diet, lived in a toxic world and as it turns out she had a bad back. This I hadn’t even known as I hadn’t seen her in years. She had been heavily medicated for 18 months and had bravely got on with the business of being a Mum.

The only reason she got cancer is that her nervous system was being affected by a myriad of stressors from the outside: pain, medications, worry, poor food choices and more. This had suppressed the immune system and the delicate balance within the body had been lost. There had been no ‘health care’ in her life other than the usual ‘sick care’ – “hope I don’t get symptoms and if I do I’ll get some drugs to make them go away”. So, the symptoms had come, and by the time cancer was detected, it was an aggressive type of cancer and it was too late. Why am I writing this letter? Well, this newsletter goes out to thousands of people now, and every one of you will know at least one person who could have been saved by a chiropractic lifestyle, just as dear Diane could and should have been saved.

I ask you, “when would you want to learn that a loved one had cancer?” When they could be saved. Before it is too late, of course. We all have cancer cells all the time, but our healthy immune system destroys them as they appear. So look after your nervous system and your immune system, and those of your family. Keep physiology (how the body works) at its optimum level and get the basics right; that’s how to stay healthy.

Remember that health is our natural state. If lost, it can only be regained by removing the factors that constantly drive us towards disease. For those of you who have attended my health class, you will know my Pillars of Health; moderate exercise, excellent nutrition in it’s most natural state, rest (6-8 hours sleep per night), positive mental attitude, the minimizing of destructive stressors from the outside and GETTING ADJUSTED to maintain that healthy spine and nervous system.

For more information about how stress affects health, contact the Marbella Chiropractic Clinic, Tel: : 0034 952 880 398
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