Chiropractic: managing flu

It is likely that over 100,000 Americans are infected with Swine Flu and it has already reached pandemic stage. In Spain, more and more confirmed cases are being reported all the time. Very few people have died thus far because it hasn’t yet mutated into a lethal strain at a time when resistance to viral attack is low, i.e. during the winter months when we have less vitamin D (a natural anti-viral vitamin) from sunlight.
Authorities in America are worried that a similar pattern was seen in 1918 when a strain of influenza swept across the world killing millions. It started as a mild strain, mutated and came back with a  vengeance in the winter.   As chiropractors we believe that prevention is better than cure and I would like to share with you one of my favourite pieces of chiropractic history.

Chiropractic and Flu?……. A true and amazing story.
In 1918, a terrible influenza outbreak swept across the world and entire populations stood at its mercy, or lack of it. We now know that 20 million people around the world died.  But, out of this pandemic came the emergence of a new profession that had amazing results with influenza patients.

While medical doctors seemed helpless with the victims; chiropractors and their patients were miraculously spared.  See below the incredible statistics:
New York 1918 FLU PANDEMIC


Every 10,000 people



People with flu


Drug-less method incl. chiropractic

People with flu



People with pneumonia


Drug-less method incl. chiropractic

People with pneumonia


Basically, with flu – much less than 1% of Chiropractic patients died and nearly 10% of people died when medically-treated.
With pneumonia – 1% of Chiropractic patients died compared with 64% of people when medically-treated.

Chiropractic is not now, and never was, a cure for Flu, Anthrax, back pain, headaches, or cancer.  Chiropractic simply removes pressure, pinching, tension, and interference from the brain stem, spinal cord and nerves.  This maximizes our body’s innate strength and its ability to heal and protect itself without the use of drugs and surgery. Chiropractic allows your body to be as healthy as possible. Of course by treating the symptoms as medicine tends to do, you are in effect turning off the bodies attempts to heal itself.  The publicity and reputation of chiropractic’s effectiveness in combating the 1918 flu outbreak was the first great public relations breakthrough for chiropractic and it has since grown exponentially, and remains the fastest growing ‘health care’ system in the world. In terms of numbers of patients, it is third only to medicine and dentistry.

So, to stay as healthy as you can be, chiropractic must be considered an important health choice for all your family and we would certainly advise taking simple steps to enhance your immune systems:
• Get plenty of sleep.  Lack of sleep compromises the immune system.
• Drink 3 litres of water per day. This helps flush toxins from your system.
• Consume a great source of Omega 3. We favour fish oil and Udo’s Oil.
• Increase Vitamin D in the winter
• Keep your diet as healthy as possible with plenty of fruit and veggies.
• Get plenty of exercise
• Have fun!  Lots of laughter and healthy relationships are excellent stimulators of a healthy immune system.
• Get adjusted. Chiropractic patients have healthier nervous systems and therefore immune systems than non-chiropractic patients……..fact!

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