Chiropractic: Subluxation Degeneration

So what is this mysterious Subluxation Degeneration?  Don’t you think that it is strange that sometimes something wears out faster than an identical matching part of your body?  For example, a knee or hip wears out faster than the other.  Why – they should be exactly the same, surely?  This brings us to the very crux of Chiropractic and if this can be understood by all – and acted upon – then the aging process will be far kinder. Why does one car tyre wear out faster than the others?  If one wheel is out of alignment then it is going to deteriorate faster than the others.  A tyre is designed to rotate in a straight line and it will deteriorate extremely quickly if it is scuffed sideways. Structure determines function and if the structure is poor with integral parts out of alignment, then function will also be poor.  Likewise, with a joint in a body that is out of alignment, it will inevitably wear out much faster than the others.

Who has Subluxation Degeneration?
……..You, me and pretty much everybody! If you are reading this newsletter, then you are almost certainly suffering from subluxation degeneration to some degree – symptomatic or not.  How do I know that?  After seeing thousands of patients over many years and seeing so  much empirical evidence, one comes to understand completely how the laws of nature must be obeyed. The spine has an ideal shape so that it can carry out its intended functions whilst maintaining its integrity.  Most of our bodies’ tissues are changing all the time as cells replace themselves.  If we replaced all our cells continually with identical perfect cells, we would not age at all … that would be good!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. Now, the next two paragraphs are very important so please understand the concept: We are one big dynamic system constantly in flux and constantly adapting to our environment.  The main factor about our environment is the constant and substantial gravitational field we live in.  Without gravity, we cannot survive; ultimately all our body systems depend on it.  It is those gravitational forces that give bone and muscle their strength.  It is movement through gravity that triggers receptors around the spine that fires electro-chemical energy into the central nervous system thus charging it like a battery and allowing it to control all function. We have cells that build bone and cells that breakdown bone.  Likewise with virtually all the bodies different tissues.  If the gravitational forces are symmetrical and spread evenly as intended and we can move our joints as intended, then repair matches and exceeds breakdown.  However, if a joint is misaligned or has improper movement, then it is “subluxated” and in all cases degeneration is accelerated and breakdown exceeds repair. “When a joint is ‘Subluxated’…… breakdown exceeds repair!” When we examine an X-ray and we see signs of degeneration, then there has been a process of subluxation degeneration occurring for some time.  This can be a rapid process or relatively slow. This is really important to me as a Chiropractor.  Firstly, I have subluxations myself…… 25 years of rugby and contact sports, skiing accidents, years of posture issues whilst studying and the many incidental traumas of growing up.  Now I do a job that is very ‘heavy’ on my spine.  For this reason, I ensure that those recuperative powers that I trust completely are as finely tuned as possible.  I give my body as near to perfect nutrition that I can sensibly manage, exercise, maintain decent posture and get adjusted every week.   I know the reasons for my subluxations but I also know how to prevent subluxation degeneration.

Common subluxations we see in our office, and this would cover over 90% of you, would be:
(a) Too much normal curve or lordosis in the lower back which cause jamming of the joints, a wedging of the discs and eventual sciatic pain down the leg.
(b) Too little curve nearly always results in early disc disease and loss of health.
(c) A sideways curve, or scoliosis, always results in adaptive changes seen as arthritis on an x-ray.
(d) Forward head posture and loss or reversal of natural neck curve.
(e) Hard rounded mid-back and shoulders
(f) One leg longer than the other.  Due to the subsequent unequal force around the lower joints this always eventually results in massive disc loss.

These are all common everyday examples of subluxation degeneration, all treatable but all potentially disastrous to health.  If you have been to see me, you should know which of these applies to you. Also you should know which phase of degeneration your spine is at right now!!!! Spines that are stiff are subluxated! ……. and as movement is one of the two key functions for health, a spine with limited motion will degenerate.

Predictable Outcome
In virtually every case I see, the outcome was predictable and could have been prevented.  Those with a greater deviation from what is considered normal (bigger subluxation) will suffer greater degeneration – not occasionally, but every time, because physical laws must be obeyed. I know and understand my subluxations and those of my wife, my children and friends.  I will ensure that these subluxations will not cause degeneration and in many cases, will disappear. It is up to us to be experts on our own bodies – no one else is going to do it for you. There are plenty of practitioners who will take your money for medications or ‘alleviation’ of symptoms.  This is not health care but symptom management – great at times but not as a basis for HEALTH CARE. We must always remember that we were born to experience health and our gradual slide away from health is due, in the main, to subluxation degeneration and nutritional issues

At Marbella Chiropractic, we show our patients what phase of degeneration they are presently at and remind them that this is a snap shot in time and the process will inevitably continue, often at an ever increasing rate. We then recommend a sensible protocol of treatment and exercise to prevent further damage and in many cases make reversals. Due to the progressive nature of degeneration, the treatment will usually involve repetition and consistency. Once the initial stage of treatment has been completed and maximum improvement has been achieved we will always invite our patient to embrace chiropractic maintenance care. This is what I do myself, what all my family, most of my friends and very many patients enjoy……a life of vibrant wellness where our bodies work as intended, our immune systems are strong and repair matches or exceeds breakdown.  This is Chiropractic; this is true healthcare.

Our bodies are breaking down and repairing themselves every day
Subluxations prevent good repair resulting in degeneration and arthritis
Subluxations can have disastrous health implications
Your Chiropractor will find your subluxations and prevent this process

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