Craniosacral Therapy – Biodynamic

Craniosacral Therapy is evolving and growing rapidly and its popularity may be because the practice is characterized by manipulation that is very soft and subtle, but deeply therapeutic, and is suitable for everyone. Bodies are like a painting that reflects the life experiences from the moment of conception until the present and these experiences can be retained in the cells, tissues and body structures. Craniosacral Therapy makes subtle contact with the client’s body, tuning into the areas of stasis or inertia and creating a relaxed state so that the ‘experiences’ that are held in can be released naturally. The attention of the therapist acts as a mirror to the client reflecting the patterns that are held in. The Biodynamic approach states that the life force present in all of us balances the external forces that create imbalances and create harmony between the two forces. 
Dr. Sutherland, founder of craniosacral therapy, which are designed body fluids which are imbued with life force and in particular biodynamic cerebrospinal fluid, and when there are many states of inertia or fulcrums in the body, this force life is retained. He found a liquid tidal movement can be felt and noticed that when these statements are released inertia power of the oil increases.
Robert Harris
European School of Craniosacral Therapy

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