Employment opportunties at the Centre for Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Technology Center of Andalusia (CTAER) will become established as an important place for many areas of study in the coming years, for solar, wind and biomass.

The Centre has established its main areas of study for those renewable energy sources with the greatest potential in Andalucía today: solar, wind and biomass, but also to explore the potential of tidal energy, and investigate hydrogen as energy storage. At all times, the emphasis will be on the efficiency of the energy system as a whole. They are also exploring opportunities in the area of training for MAs in renewable energies aimed at technical staff, and are looking to reach an agreement for participation in the TEMPUS project with Egypt and with institutions in other African and European countries . The president of CTAER, Valeriano Ruiz, explained that although still in the early stages about a dozen projects have already signed and  are already beginning to become an experimental reality. The meeting approved a strategic plan for the coming years in order to "establish the research and development for technologies that use renewable energy in the short and medium term. More efficient, lower costs, adapt to changing requirements and achieve greater levels of contribution to the energy requirements of our country. "
The main lines of action that address the CTAER focus on projects: "Sun to produce electricity", where Spanish companies have global leadership, "so it’s a good time to support and enhance and increase the efficiency challenge and durability of solar devices and enhance the storage capacity of the heat. Another approach is: "Sun to produce heat and cool industry. The industrial sector consumes approximately 30 percent of total primary energy used in our country, and CTAER are going to develop applications for the production of steam for use in industry and services. The will also act to "contribute to the management and integration of wind energy," by testing and certification services for new wind turbines, which have evolved very dynamically in recent years, and at the same time, they will explore the possibility of exploiting marine sites. It is also working to "Harness the energy from biomass".  
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