Have we missed the green energy train?

Experts advise us that in little more than 11 years we will be at the end of the petrol era, reports Canal Solidario. La Chispa has been covering the ‘Peak Oil’ situation for some time and now for the first time ever the International energy Agency have admitted that after 2020 production will start to decline. This is a dramatic turn around from previous reports by the agency which have declared robust good health in the world’s oil deposits. This may be the incentive that finally spurs on the international community to take action in developing alternatives and new models of sustainability to avoid complete economic collapse. But are they too late? As new sources of oil become increasingly scarce and hard to obtain with higher environmental costs, the closer we get to ‘Peak Oil’ reality the more difficult will be the consequences and the more complex the solutions. Robert L. Hirsch of the Energy Department in the US advises that there needs to be a “shock program to avoid collapse” and Felix Nieto in an article in Globalizate indicates that we may have “started the green revolution too late.”

Canal Solidario

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