How to get through Christmas and survive!

How to keep Santa Healthy – Everything in moderation
It is like water – too much and you will drown; too little and you dry out.
It’s not what you eat and drink between Christmas and New Year – it is what you eat and drink between New Year and Christmas.
Get fit for Christmas – Build up your alkaline reserve by hydration – drink mineral/alkaline water 2- 2½ l per day with a squeeze lemon/lime to cleanse.
Get fresh air to get oxygen into your blood
Have one day with only light meals – like vegetable juice/soup, in between the heavier, sweeter and more fattening Christmas meals
Eat green vegetables as many as possible to alkalize your body.
Go for a brisk walk, jog, dance, swim, run… move and sweat
Take a multivitamin, omega 3 oil and an extra B-vitamin in December to boost the fat and sugar metabolism.
When you feel like a really nice Christmas cake, sweet or other goodies, do it with pleasure, enjoy, and then build up the reserve afterwards.

Happy Christmas

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