I Can Do It! – Christiane Northrup

If you haven’t seen Christiane Northrup before, you would be surprised on how much energy, confidence and authority she emits on the stage. She talks about sex, pole dancing and orgasms probably in the most natural and enthusiastic way ever heard or seen on any TV show or other conference. She is Christiane Northrup M.D. and she knows what she is talking about. Some of her books are the New York Times bestsellers ‘The Wisdom of Menopause’ and ‘Mother-Daughter Wisdom’.

The power is in the base chakra

“Live your life with your whole body,” she says. She continues saying that just because we are awakening spiritually, we shouldn’t neglect the rest of our being. “Don’t just use your heart chakra and up, and say that now that you are spiritual, you can’t have sex anymore.” She explains that our life force is in the base chakra and it shouldn’t be neglected. It needs to be used and it gives us the energy to create, to live happily and to be satisfied human beings.

Activating our sexual energy

To activate our sexual energy she asks the audience to stand up. Not only the women, but the men too. She invites her daughter to come up on the stage with her. “My daughter has been a pole dancer and she can hang with her little toe, face down, from the pole. I’m a proud mama,” she says. “Who do you want to listen to? Michael Bublé or Prince, they ask. The audience screams Michael Bublé, and the song; I’m feeling good comes out loud from the speakers. Now, do the biggest circle you possibly can with your hips, she says. Northrup together with her daughter start moving without any inhibitions, doing huge hip movements. Everyone in the audience is doing the same. She recommends us to do this at home every now and then to activate our energy to manifest money, sex and power. “Spirituality isn’t just in affirmations and la, la , la. The power is also in your sexuality. And don’t say that because you are 40 that you are too old! Women in their 70s have their best sex in their lives. Why do you think Louise Hay looks so hot? Because she doesn’t just live from her heart up,” she affirms.

A little TLC

In the lecture she also gives some guidance on how women would like to be treated by men: Set up the bedroom and have lots of lube! The woman should lay on her back meanwhile the man gently holds his hand on top of her heart chakra. Look her in the eyes and ask her if you can enter in her sacred space, but before touch her gently with your little finger. “Women are “orgasmatrons” when they are given the attention they need,” she says. The audience gives her a standing ovation as a gift for not only having touched their hearts- but also their bodies. At the book signing a couple women are crying and saying how her books have touched and changed their lives for the better. 

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