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Get in tune with your own vibration

Spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette is very firm about taking our vibes seriously and explains that intuition can show us how to live our lives in a way that we were meant to live them: in harmony, in tune with who we really are – and most importantly, without fear. The only way to really follow our own path is to step away from the crowd and to listen inside. “What do I feel, where should I go, and who should I talk to?” could be some of the questions that take us in the right direction. “Don’t try to change your life. Change your vibration and the rest will follow,” affirms the New York Times bestseller at the I can do it! conference in San Diego, Calif. 
what Choquette means is that too many people are living their lives in the “grey zone”, not daring to step out and live their lives fully. Many just follow the masses out of routine and don’t pay attention to what their souls really feel like expressing.

Fear limits

Fear is overflowing our planet and we need to snap out of this state and start trusting our vibes instead. She says that now is the time to wake up our spirit and start listening to it. “It’s nothing to be afraid of,” she says. What it really entails is to use our imagination more. Also think less and really trust that in tuning into our own vibes, we can find many answers and step away from that limiting fear.

If I weren’t afraid, I would…

A good exercise to do with someone you trust is the diver and the treasure chest: First one of you is the diver who will say: “If I weren’t afraid, I would…” Think of all the things you would love to do, for about five minutes. The person who is the treasure chest only listens and respectfully receives the answer with a quiet “thank you”. No advice is given, since the exercise is to potentiate the connection with the own vibes of each diver. Get connected to who you really are. Choquette encourages the audience to be authentic and dare to grow; try new things and travel outside everyday life, thoughts and limits.

Step out of the comfort zone

Even Choquette once found herself having trouble getting out of her own comfort zone. She has always been afraid of water, and always tried to avoid it. “Not going there,” she used to say. But one day in January, when on one of her travels around the world, she said “I have had enough of this,” and signed up for a snorkeling class with an instructor. He had a hard time getting her in the water at first, but in the end he pushed her in. When she stopped trying to control it all with her mind, she says that a whole new world opened up to her. “What was I so afraid of, she was asking herself?  Traveling out of my comfort zone was scary, but it would have been even scarier to have stayed in there,” she says.

Letting go of control

According to Choquette, the shift of getting into the flow happens when we allow our higher self, instead of the ego to take control.  She explains that even she as a psychic doesn’t always know what is going to happen around the corner. “But what I do know, is when I’m in the flow. That is all I need to know. When you are in the flow, you don’t worry where the wave is taking you, you just trust,” she says.

Getting into the flow

When your mind starts asking you: “But when, but how?” wanting to control every moment, Choquette has a special technique to break out of it:  Together with her lovely musician who accompanies her to her courses, they tell the audience to stand up and imagine that we are in a river. “Start rowing,” she says. We all “row” and start singing; “too much talking, row, row…”  It gets you into your flow and stops your mind from chattering. She encourages us to put on our favourite music, dance and move our bodies when we feel stale and in a rut. “70% of the people are unconscious sheep following the masses,” she says. “Let yourself become fully embodied by spirit, become timeless and start manifesting your wishes. Trust your vibes – and follow it!” she says.

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