I can do it! – The Collection

Best sellers such as Dr.Wayne Dyer, angel specialist Doreen Virtue and Dr.Christiane Northrup were invited – together with more than twenty lecturers – by Louise Hay and her publishing company Hay House to share their latest discoveries, incredible inspiration and knowledge.

In this mini- series of articles we can take part of the great energy experienced by thousands at the San DiegoConferenceCenter situated right by the ocean and the city’s beautiful harbor. We didn’t only hear about spiritual development. The well known speakers talked about varied themes such as the language of our dreams, how to work with our angels, approving of our sexual energy- being our life force, quitting once and for all with excuses, and much, much more! Enjoy.

The Articles:
Doreen Virtue
Wayne Dyer
Sonia Choquette

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This post is also available in: Spanish

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