I Can Do It! – Wayne Dyer

Many people would like to change their lives for the better; such as start a new career, a new creative activity or start exercising. But something stops many life- changing projects: Excuses.  “I’m not capable” or I’m not good enough could be some. What would your life look like if you couldn’t use excuses anymore? Just imagine! Maybe you would actually find a way to start studying again, lose weight or start a new business.

Famous author and speaker in the field of self-development Wayne Dyer, 68, jumps up on the stage at the I can Do It! conference in San Diego, in shape like a 40- year- old. This author of over 30 books is fit today because he confronted his own old believes, that seemed to be a part of him. For several years he had been telling himself that it was normal to have a belly at his age. Before publishing his latest book Excuses Begone!, he wanted to see if he was actually capable of doing it himself; facing his excuses and changing an old pattern. He was, and in 30 days he lost his excess weight.

Dyer asked people what their four most commonly used excuses were. He received thousands of answers and some typical ones were: “It will be a difficult family drama" or "I can’t afford it.” “Never use that one,” he says. “You can afford to go to college and anything else. You just need to be connected with your goal.” “No one will help me” is another bad excuse. “There are seven billion people on the planet who want to help you!” Dyer exclaims. According to Dyer when you make a decision to change your life, universe will give you the circumstances to act upon it, and the right people will show up in the right moment to help you. This is exactly what happened to Dyer. When he had made his decision to lose weight, he met a dietician who told him how to cut down on sugar. He also urges us to take a good look at our old thought patterns: Is it 100% true that you are too old for making that long desired change? Probably not.

“The greatest gift you’ve been given is your imagination. You have the ability to create all you want to be in your imagination. What you contemplate in your mind, you can harden into material form. Everything was once imagined before created, even your cell phone. If you can think like God, you can create like God,” he says.The ultimate secret to change according to Dyer is that “You assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” This involves that five minutes before you go to sleep at night, feel in your body what it feels like to already have accomplished your desire. “Become it and imagine it, don’t just contemplate it. Experience it in your imagination, not as an onlooker but as a participant,” he says.Your subconscious will then marinate your wish while you sleep. But if before going to bed you review all your problems, and think about all that is missing and is wrong in your life- like my kids don’t like me – well then that’s what will be marinated for eight hours. You will only manifest more of what’s wrong.

Once a young man with a stuttering problem came up to Dyer and asked him if he could give him some advice on how to get rid of it. Dyer asked him to close his eyes and imagine how it would feel in his body to be free of his speech impediment. Dyer says that you are your thought. Talk to others as if you already were your desired manifestation. This is how you are putting to play your subconscious mind. It can’t differentiate between what is real, a visualization or a wish. Dyer reminds the audience constantly that we capable of many great things, and that our excuses don’t take us forward in life. They only stop us from becoming who we really were meant to be. Unique and Godlike.

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