In a time of changes, commit yourself to your own change

We are in a time of changes. Nothing is as it was before. The economic recession has made us reconsider our ideas about the economy, our aims in this world, in short, life itself. In this new era, to find ourselves has become the most important goal, as it is to commit ourselves to what we do, whatever that is, because it will be the right thing to do. Hence the resurgence of energy therapies; we have realised once and for all that the human being must be ready to deal with life’s challenges. Therefore, if we want to be capable of that, we must invest time and effort to prepare ourselves physically as well as mentally for these challenges. We are used to ‘stupefy’ ourselves when our body alerts us through symptoms like depression, migraines, alergies, panic attacks, addictions, of the fact that both our body and our mind are on red alert, and that way these unresolved problems lead us to worse problems that can not be resolved. Our body is like a computer, if we disconnect it from the mains, it doesn’t work because it needs electricity to do so. It doesn’t matter if we have the most advanced software or state-of-the-art technology, energy is essential for its functioning. We tend to pay attention to all the external components, look for answers out there, when what we really need is to go through an internal path  where everything has its answer.    This philosophy feeds energy therapies such as EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques. its main aim is to remove the possible blockages in our energy system that do not allow the proper energy flow in our body. It is a simple technique that can be mastered by anybody, and it allows us to go deeper in our energy system to remove those blockages that we ourselves create to boicot us. EFT will help you to discover what your true mission in life is so that you can make the most of it for yourself and those surrounding you. There is no need to ask anybody for answers, you have them in yourself. In a time of changes, EFT is a very effective tool. Without a doubt, nobody knows at all what future will bring, so it is better to learn to trust our inner instinct in a healthy way, to trust life and that everything will be better…

Carmen Coello 

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