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Men! Read on! This is something that affects us all: conventional personal care products like deodorant, moisturisers or wet wipes for babies all contain ingredients which can have a negative effect on your health. It’s time to start reading labels and using chemical-free products so you don’t absorb harmful substances that may cause serious health problems.
Considering 60% of what we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream we really should be paying as much attention to the cosmetics we use as we do to the food we eat. A typical Spaniard uses an average of 4 personal care products a day, every day – a considerable amount of toxic contact over the years. The essence of bio cosmetics is that their active ingredients stimulate the body’s natural functions such as cellular nourishment and detoxify the body. A conventional paraffin-rich moisturiser dries the skin in the long run since it eliminates water from the inside out – making your skin unable to moisturise itself. Don’t be fooled by the immediate effects of these cosmetics, you need to look after your body in the long term. Just because a product is described as “Aloe Vera shampoo”, for example, you’re not guaranteed that it’s really natural since it probably contains petroleum derivatives, dyes, artificial perfumes and synthetic preservatives.
Aside from excluding the unsafe ingredients listed in the box below, other key factors in organic cosmetics are their certification (look for the Ecocert, BDIH or Nature et Progrés labels), only given to brands who farm their ingredients without the use of chemicals. They are therefore respectful of the environment, and don’t use animal testing since they check their products dermatologically on human volunteers. Whilst these products may seem more expensive than conventional ones in the short run, you can use smaller quantities since they are so rich – so they last longer without harming you or your family. Since they’re biodegradable, they won’t hurt the planet we live on either.

This pure mineral-based sunscreen works by creating an invisible film on the skin that reflects the sun, quite the opposite to synthetic sunscreen which penetrates into the blood stream, therefore avoiding the allergic reactions they often produce. Buy it at health food shops. – 93- 784.85.86 – 93- 784.85.86

Skin Treatment Dr. Hauschka
Activates your skin’s metabolism and inner rhythm. Stimulates healthy skin renewal, balances moisture and oiliness, tones and rejuvenates. Achieves spectacular results, skin becomes radiant, wrinkles are softened and elasticity regained. You’ll find this line at health food shops and El Corte Inglés.
Oceánico Solid Shampoo LUSH
Solid shampoos save on packaging and work just as well as liquid ones. This one contains two types of conditioning algae (Japanese nori and Irish moss) as well as sea salt, lemon, jasmin and orange blossom: the fragrances of a tropical garden. C/ Nueva, 8 – Málaga Venta por correo – – 91-522.88.09

The olive oil base restores the body’s natural moisture levels whilst relaxing and tonifying your skin. Orange blossom improves your skin’s elasticity by regenerating skin cells. It can also act as an anti-depressive, aphrodisiac, circulation enhancer and regulates cardiac rhythms. Buy it direct: 952 483 066
El aceite de oliva base restaura los niveles naturales de humedad en la piel, es hidratante, relajante y tonificante. El azahar mejora la elasticidad de la piel regenerando células cutáneas, es antidepresivo y afrodisíaco, relajante, facilita la circulación y regula el ritmo cardíaco. Cómpralo directamente: 952 483 066
Sedative S&Ros Aceites
This formula includes vegetable extracts and essential oils from aloe, cypress, willow, mint, red grapes, gingko biloba, lime and Indian chestnut. The gel helps tired legs by freshening them up and making them feel more agile. Ideal to relax muscles after doing sports or standing up for a long time. srosaceites@telefónica.net954 163 418
We all need to get used to reading the list of ingredients on the products we use. AVOID using cosmetics that contain:
Aluminum – Will appear on the label asAluminum Oxide, Aluminum Chlorhydrate and Aluminium Zirconium. Main ingredient on most deodorants, the debate over its relation to breast cancer is nothing new – best to avoid it.
Paraffin – masking agent with an osmotic effect thus dehydrating the skin. Example: using chap stick creates an addiction whereby your lips are dry without it.
Parabens – according to scientists these preservatives are linked to breast cancer and endocrine system problems. Examples include Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben and Propylparaben.
1,4-dioxane – present in 57% of baby soaps and 34% of all body creams. Studies show it is easily absorbed by the skin and causes cancer. It is officially considered cancerous for animals.
Teflon, PTFE, synthetic perfumes, artificial colouring agents, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), Phthalatos (DBP / DMP / DEP) and Sillicone.


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