Oikos – delivering natural health for 30 years

Interview with Dr. Antonio López-Román, President, founder and Director of Oikos Labs, specialist in natural medicine for more than 40 years.

LA CHISPA: OIKOS Laboratories have been in Spain for 30 years, why did you choose Fuengirola?

Dr. Antonio López Román. Upon returning from North America in 1980 I set the company up in Jaén, at the end of 1987 I came to los Boliches, the ideal place to develop our range of 100% natural health supplements. In May 2007 my family and I launched OIKOS Internaional Ltd. in London as our main European office. We’ve added a number of internationally renowned food supplements from there.
LA CHISPA:   Are you a Doctor or Naturopath?
A.L.R.: I’m a Doctor of Biochemistry from the University of Granada, specialising in natural and preventive medicine for over 40 years. I am also a nutrition and diet expert, but my main specialty lies in OIKOS sinergetic bio-nutrients which, if taken properly, can really enhance your health.
LA CHISPA: Which supplements are the stars of the OIKOS range?
A.L.R. We call Agemol-500 the “father” of OIKOS and Spirulina OIKOS the “mother” since it supplies the body with over 50 macro- and micro essential nutrients. Marine-Omega-3-OIKOS, our Isoflavones, and Krill-omega-3-OIKOS are all “close relatives”.
LA CHISPA: But OIKOS is more than a production lab and distributor of supplements, isn’t it?
A.L.R. We opened Nutrisalud 15 years ago, which has become one of the most prestigious Health Food Shops on la Costa del Sol, as well as the main distributor of OIKOS supplements and other organic food. We also have Cosmetic, Anti-aging, and Skin experts and a Dentists clinic, all of which are set up with the latest equipment.
LA CHISPA: Why aren’t OIKOS supplements as widely available as you’d expect la Costa del Sol?
A.L.R.: We don’t have salespeople going to Health Food Shops, instead we have a special department that takes calls from all over Spain. When someone can’t get our products they call us and we sell them directly at great prices.
LA CHISPA:   What are the “ OIKOS Health Robitos”?
A.L.R. The Pure-water-robito is a small appliance that turns tap water into 100% high quality water perfect for drinking and cooking. We also have a vegetable milk Robito which easily makes milk out of OIKOS organic soy, oat, flaxseed, rice or almond seeds and nuts in just 18 minutes. 
LA CHISPA: Tell us about the documentation you provide your clients.
A.L.R. We systematically include up to date information about preventive medicine with all orders. Every other month we publish a magazine which includes the full list of OIKOS products. 
LA CHISPA: What would you say to the local Health Food Shops?
A.L.R.: Just that they should buy from one of the few Andalucian manufacturers, but any consumer who can’t find our products should call Herboristeria Nutri-Salud. Tel. 902. 222.123. We deliver at your home within 48 hours and offer 10 to 40% discounts depending on the volume of purchase.
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