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How our beliefs, thoughts and feelings influence our health
Can positive or negative thoughts and emotions affect the body’s delicate biochemistry, the acid/alkaline balance? Do love, fear, joy, anger, sadness, happiness, and resentment affect our physical, mental, personal and spiritual health? Our Health Detective investigates.
Not only can the health of our body affect our emotions, but our thoughts and feelings can affect the health of our body. Our mental state is critical and negative mental states can create more metabolic acids than junk food. In fact, we can create two or three times more metabolic acids from our mental and emotional state than from ingesting highly acidic dairy foods, animal protein, sugar or alcohol. Emotions are energy in motion and when we are e-motional, we are energetic, either in a positive or negative way. As the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function, when we are having sad or depressive e-motions, we are producing metabolic acids at a very high rate, and the waste product of such e-motions can make us sick.
One of the leading causes of death in the world today is said to be heart attacks. But according to one of the leading health specialist, Dr. Robert Young, people are having “thought attacks”, NOT “heart attacks”. There are studies showing that over 80% of all heart attacks are e-motionally triggered. 
Case Study
A 25 year old girl came to us with severe eating disorders weighing 125kg and well aware that the extra layers of fat were a kind of protection, like a buffer against the world. Although she was very bright and studying at university there were unresolved family issues especially with her dominating brother. Over the years she had been given medication for depression and anxiety and had regular psychiatric sessions, while physically she had had many problems such as migraines, exhaustion, back pains and constipation. Her food challenges started in the morning when she had several chocolate croissants. When life is hard we often seek sweet, fatty food to comfort us. The sugar gives a short energy-kick and the fat soothes the nerves.
This girl’s story sounds harsh and sometimes we may wonder how we manage to go through childhood. As Dr. Richard Bandler, one of the founders of NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) remarks: “The only reason we have problems is that we are born, had parents and went to school….” Normally we get through tough times but some get through more “whole” than others. Our client was convinced that she could not shift the extra layers until she had resolved her family issues and that her physical condition was largely psychosomatic.
The negative e-motions of anger, resentment, and fear are the most powerful and acidifying of all emotions, and fear can be so devastating to the body that even if we are eating well, overcoming a serious health challenge can be practically impossible. We started our client with a week at our health farm, where we focused on her personal development and changing behavioural patterns using NLP coaching, meditation, relaxation exercises and specifically clearing up a lot of the issues she felt was necessary to survive. By cleaning up her “mental storage rooms” she had more and more space and air, she regained confidence and balance. New communication systems helped her to deal with her family, and after one week of intensive cleansing she felt ready to face her daily challenges.
We had done Live Blood Analysis at the start of the week, which revealed the blood cells joining together, waste products in her blood, latent tissue acidosis and problems with her protein metabolism (lemon shaped red blood cells). At the end of her stay the same analysis showed amazing improvements: The blood cells moved freely and the blood fluid was much clearer of waste products. We did not do much with the food, vitamins and minerals as we had an agreement with her on what to focus on, and we knew the power of the body and mind relationship. It was a surprise to see how fast mental and emotional developments influence the quality of the blood. She felt very calm and confident – and it showed in her blood!
When we start feeling better, we start thinking better. And when we start thinking better, we start doing better. So, when we feel better, the flow in our body improves – so does the alkaline-acid balance – and we automatically start to regulate our body weight. It was not surprising that she lost 3 kg during the treatment, but she also had more sustainable energy and was happier and more spiritually connected. This emphasizes how profoundly our feelings influence our health, and this was the most important part of the work. After a couple of months as she became more and more stable and comfortable in her daily life, she was able to come back and go further in improving her eating habits.
This article is inspired by the spirit and drive for Life Quality, work, books and thoughts of Inger Marie Haut, MSc. Nutrition, founder of our Health Clinic.

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