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In December last year a client in his fifties came to our Health clinic for a Personal Health check-up. Although he had been liv­ing it up in a big way, his friends and family could not understand how he was so healthy as he was drinking, smoking and eating a lot. Apart from getting short of breath going up stairs and having some problems with his sex drive, he was fairly healthy, but being aware of the situation he came for a health check-up. However, he did not want to start any new treatments un­til after the Christmas and New Years Eve parties.
To his mind it didn’t make sense to make any changes before as they would be cancelled out by all the indulgences. It does not have to be like that, and making life style changes is not a quick fix anyway. Starting today, we explained some minor adjustments that could help him to cope with all the parties in December, Christmas and New Year and be in better shape for a full clean out after. Our client understood this, calling it a “Pit Stop” before the final Christmas and New Year festivities, the Formula 1 round.
Christmas Hangover – Fat and sugar
Christmas food is often very rich in fats and sugar. Not only do they add extra kilos on to the body – too much fat and alcohol also in­fluences our sex drive. Regular readers of our column will know that eating bread, sugar, and alcohol helps to create an acidic environment in our bodies. If we load our body with a lot of acidic stuff it feels like a big, heavy hangover – we get sick and tired. If we compare the body to a fish tank; the fish feels good when the water is clean and there is the right amount of food; too much and the water will get dirty with algae, or the fish will overeat and get uncomfortable, too little and the fish will starve. It is easy to treat the fish when it is sick – just change the water. 70% of our body weight is liquid / water but we can’t literally take out the dirty water and put in fresh; we have to ‘change the water’ by drinking enough water that has the right pH balance to improve our acid-alkaline balance. We also need to cleanse our liver of all the alcohol, additives and junk, our kidneys to cleanse the blood, our lungs to provide oxygen, our skin to eliminate sweat and waste, our lymphatic system to remove the fluids in the cells and between the cells, and our digestive channel to get rid of the waste. 
For our client, this ‘Pit Stop’ meant building up his liquid alkaline reserves by drinking at least 2 litres of alkaline mineral water a day. As too much fat and alcohol affects sexual potency he was given B-vitamins to help the digestion – especially Thiamin, B5 and B6. We gave him a liver stimulating herb to help the digestion of alcohol and as an easy aid for cleansing a squeeze of lemon or grapefruit in water every day. To help pro­cess the saturated fats in meat, chocolate and sweets, we gave him a high dose of un­saturated fatty oils for 3 weeks to get his cell membranes to work better. When the cells are fed with easy to absorb poly-unsat­urated fats, they change the saturated fats in the cell membranes – hence making the membranes more flexible in the transport of nutrients into the cells and waste out of the cells. If the cell membranes are full of saturated fats they are more rigid and the fatty Christmas food has difficulties in getting digested. 
Importantly, we also motivated him to take a good walk, and so as he was more physic­ally active, he not only helped his body to eliminate the waste, he also got thirstier – not only for beer – but for water. He felt the difference when he had an “inner shower” with mineralized alkaline water and his vitamins before the partying; he got over his hangovers more quickly. He treated it as a sport to build himself up for the parties. The hangovers were less aggressive and his sex drive also improved – enabling him to prolong the party!
When the Christmas and New Year’s Eve Festivities were over he came back to the clinic and was proud that Christmas had only added an extra 1-2 kg to his belly. He now felt ready to go on to the next step in his personal health recovery. So even small changes can make a difference – and as the festive season approaches it is certainly worth giving it a go. 
Pernille Knudtzon and the Health team wish you a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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