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Over the past two years our health detectives have been telling us about systems of natural health. In this article they take us on a visit to their Health Farm and show us some aspects of how they work, the techniques they use and the results they get.
Every stay at our Health Farm is based on a Personal Health Profile where we conduct a thorough medical interview and examination, with blood, urine and even metabolic tests carried out where necessary to check for hormone, nervous system, digestive and cellular function. One of our main tools is Clinical Microscopy of Live Blood – a blood test for detecting and monitoring metabolic dysfunction – which helps to take the guesswork out of determining diet and the selection of an appropriate supplement regime. The acid/alkaline balance, which is essential, is also revealed by the Live Blood Microscopy. Optimum functioning of the blood can heal the rest of the body. Nourish the cells, tissues and organs and get rid of the waste products – the body will heal itself!
One lady in her 50s who came to us wanted to go to the Health Farm. Her Personal Health Profile showed a very strong and determined lady, with aches and pains all over her body, general unwellness, drinking too much alcohol, putting on too much weight, with a fatty liver found on ultrasound scan. Her cholesterol was too high, and she had high triglycerides – often seen when too much alcohol is consumed – and low vitamin B12. The Live Blood Microscopy examination found a lot of acidity and waste products in the blood, and the red blood cells showed dysfunction of the carbohydrate metabolism. So we were sure it was a toxification problem. She was drinking a good amount of water and although she did a lot of exercise there was not the expected weight loss. She was very determined and desperately needed guidance. She was ready to change her lifestyle, but needed a push. We agreed on a week at the Health Farm with Intensive cleansing, alkalizing, resetting of her mental behaviours, substitution of alcohol and to help her to sort out her purpose for life.
Food is your medicine
At the farm we prefer to do a liquid alkaline detox rather than complete fasting, to make sure that the body gets what it needs. This includes lots of soups, purées, smoothies, juices and alkaline water. The food and liquid we drink is essential for our health and during a cleanse it is important that the food is easy to assimilate. Exercise, walks and cell energizing is part of the program as well as acupuncture, iridology, reflexology, and learning how to prepare food. A lot of tailor made supplements inclusive alkaline minerals, B-vitamins, Essential Omega 3 oils are also used. All this is medically directed by daily feedback from urine samples, Live Blood Microscopy, meridian tests and much more.
Personal NLP Coaching
Not every client likes to have personal coaching, but this client was very keen to change her mental approach and the skilled NLP coaches we have softly guided her through finding her patterns of behaviour and the intention behind these. She got help to get out of her limiting beliefs and started to explore a “new world”. Day by day she got better and more energetic as the pains and aches disappeared. She was gently alkalizing her body and her walks in the mountains became longer, more intense and enjoyable. Because we supplemented alcohol with healthy snacks she did not once think of alcohol during the stay. These Intensive Health Treatments on the Farm take a lot of preparation and service during the stay, but is wonderful to share a success, that makes a difference in a person’s life. What we aim for is to give each participant valuable ongoing tools for the rest of their life. It takes research, care and attention, and this is why places are limited on the trainings.
Let this testimonial speak for itself:
I was staring age 60 in the face and my life was not going where I wanted it to go, although I’d retired early, I wasn’t having much fun as I expected and I was looking deeper into the bottle than I wanted to or was good for me. There were aches and pains everywhere and I was very fed-up with myself. I attended some lectures given by Dr. Pernille, and it seemed to me that she might be able to help me, so after a consultation and blood tests with her, I booked myself into her Vitafakta health farm, and, extremely nervous and dubious, but nevertheless determined and hopeful, I started my one week stay. The first three days just flew by, as I was kept busy with NLP sessions, exercising, shopping for the food stuff needed and then cooking it. It was a relief to fall into bed each night and have a good sleep, but always after a session of trance, (or deep relaxation), which really worked. At the beginning I was not at all sure about the NLP sessions, as I had never believed in this sort of thing, but now I have to admit that it was very cathartic to delve into the past. Obviously the sad or painful memories were just as bad now as they were then, and it took a lot of determination and it was very emotional to go back in time, but reliving those memories and possibly understanding them, made me come to terms with my past. Of course, remembering the good times of my childhood was a joy to me and I realized that I needed to find that kind of simplicity and happiness again, in order to find long lasting contentment. During my seven-day stay at the farm I managed to loose almost 4 kilos in weight, due to totally healthy eating and not drinking any alcohol.
There were of course many memorable moments in that week, it was a total "back to simplicity" trip, which felt very good after all the excesses one is used to in modern life. Before every exercise session I took 3 minutes of oxygen and then warmed up on a trampoline, before setting off on a long walk in the mountainous countryside. At the end of that I would hang upside down (going down-under, as I called it) to relax and re-align my bone structure. Then there was a session of acupuncture each day. The very best treat was saved for the evenings, a full three quarters of an hour of reflexology – the nearest thing to heaven you can imagine. And after that, as mentioned above, a trance before a well earned, brilliant nights sleep. Another great experience was getting cooking tips given by a fantastically inventive cook. He would make a simple, healthy meal seem like a banquet and it is no doubt due to his expertise that I have managed to loose so much weight.
After the quiet and simple life of the mountains, it felt very strange to come back home to the hustle and bustle and noise of town, but I have managed to keep up my positive frame of mind. I am still losing weight and I feel full of self-confidence again for the first time in years. I have stayed with the healthy food regime and I now have the courage to say: ”I’m an alcoholic, but I don’t drink"! And I can also say: ”I’m on top of the world!"  Mrs Pearl
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