Responsible Tourism in Málaga

Responsible Tourism aims to promote holidays where the visitors and the local people take responsibility for a their destinations in terms of environmental, cultural, social and economic viability, recognizing the central role of the local community. There will be a series of workshops in Málaga as part of the first draft of EARTH, European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality. The project aims to disseminate information to the European tourism industry. They believe that local government in Andalucía are interested in working toward a goal of sustainable andecological tourism. It is also becoming apparent that "green markets" are developing and Andalusia has an opportunity to position the region towards this market. Quidamtur, a local company based in Malaga, is the founder and partner of the Spanish EARTH project and will organise the first round of seminars.

Overall Objectives
Create a meeting space to look at the European demand for Responsible Tourism and what Andalucía can offer
Specific Targets include
Present the project for the dissemination of CSR through Network of Travel Agents with the European partners.
Creating a list of indicators for measuring CSR in tourism.
Generate positive approaches to resonsible tourism with civil groups (students, etc). Developing a model of responsible tourism for the Valle Genal.
Put the focus of responsible tourism on Andalucia.


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